Research Interests

    Across global landscapes, various wetland ecosystem types can be found. Wetlands are often seen as the world between terrestrial and benthic ecosystems. To protect these unique habitats I use holistic restoration techniques to aid in my conservation research. Broadly my research interests focus on developing an understanding of wetland ecology. How novel wetland biogeochemistry affects the biota present. I use cross-disciplinary approach to study how anthropogenic influences effect the plasticity of wetland ecosystems. My aim is to use the synthesis of knowledge we create to aid conservation, restoration, and management of wetland systems.

2020 - Field Location 

Wetland Creation 

Wetland mitigation and creation are needed when a wetland has been degraded or destroyed. Mitigating these losses is very important to restore the vast ecosystem services wetlands provide.  

Ecosystem Services List:  Carbon Sequestration and Storage, Habitat Use, Flood Protection, Climate Moderation, Nutrient Cycling, Coastal Stabilization, Bank Stabilization, Reduced Soil Erosion, Mitigation Banking, Nature Tourism, Vast Economic Value, Recreation.  

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